Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I'm not sure I shared this part of the outside porch work we had done.  This is the end of the porch, by the front door.  This goes toward a different part of the property and we thought it would be a nice place for an additional set of stairs that wasn't there before.  

So this first picture above is what it looked like right after we closed on the house and I had started taking down the lattice and vines...

...and this is what it looked like when I was done clearing everything off and getting it ready for the work to be done.  Much more open and nice but still not quite finished...

...and this is what it looked like after all the porch railings and new stairs were put on.  We love it.  It really finishes things and we like that it leads right toward the "party tree".  Isn't this a much better view? 

Now we just need a cobblestone path similar to this meandering off in that direction...and of course the plants, and flowers, and well, all of it....ha.


  1. That big, beautiful, old tree would look great with a little chair or bench to keep it company. Maybe in that blue you've mentioned before?

  2. The new stairs and railing certainly do a lot to dress up the porch, as well as being a convenience!


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