Friday, November 18, 2011


Bathroom Vanity and Sink Area Before
Here is the one and only bathroom...which you have seen from the other angle, but here is what we did last weekend.  While 2nd Man cleaned the floors (even though they are new, the workers tracked footprints all over as they were finishing up), I put the vanity together and mounted the sink.  It's not our first choice, we'd rather have a pedestal sink, but this one
looks like it fits and more importantly, gives us storage, which, in a small house such as this one, we need.
Bathroom sink and vanity after
Here it is finished.  There is of course a spot above it for a mirror and the vanity actually came with one.  However, when I took the previous mirror down for them to paint the wall, there was a piece of plastic covering the original hole of a medicine cabinet.  We've measured and it seems an odd size (probably an "old" size that's not so common anymore).  I'm going to keep looking for something that fits, but if we can't find one, we have another mirror that we saved from an antique dresser that would fit perfectly in that spot.  It even has that old farmhouse feel.

I'll share pictures, whichever way we go.

Glacier Bay Faucet
Here is a closeup of the faucet we chose.  It didn't come with one, I guess because they figure it's best to let people choose their own.  We chose this one from Glacier Bay that has a retro feel to it.  We love the ceramic handles with "Hot" and "Cold" on them.  My Grandparents had a sink with the same kind of handles, and I always thought that was so neat.  Now I have my own.
It feels like coming full circle!


  1. Tonya - thanks, yeah we wanted this type of hardware as well. It makes it feel old, even with a new vanity.

  2. OK, I'm so laughing because I have that exact same faucet on 3 sinks in my house!!!

    See, we should have been brother and sister!!!

  3. Kelly - Great minds think alike! :-)

  4. can you name that model number? i can't find it for the life of me... i need to replace the rod that goes from the drain valve in the sink (it rusted off!) so when i pull the stopper handle behind the faucet, nothing happens & had to remove the stopper temporarily & inserted a mesh catch screen while i start looking for a replacement


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