Tuesday, November 8, 2011


T-Shirts as Cleaning Cloths
This weekend, 2nd Man and I realized that it was time for some new T-shirts since we both wear them everyday under our work shirts and the previous ones were pushing a couple years old.  So we ran down to our favorite store and bought new ones.  Since we strive, in our own little ways, to be as green as we can, we decided the farmhouse could use some cleaning cloths.

So we washed a load of whites with just the old T-shirts, folded them, and found this really cool basket to keep them in.  They are now located in the "farm holding room" (formally known as the "guest room") at the city house, waiting to go out to their new home the mudroom at the farm.

T-shirts make great rags to use for cleaning.  They are 100% cotton, lint free, soft (usually very soft after having been worn and washed a hundred times), and they work for all sorts of projects.  You can clean windows with them, counters, walls, dusting, use them for painting and staining projects, really just about anywhere you need to grab a quick rag to wipe something down.  And best of all, they are free!  Free in the sense that we've already gotten our money's worth and use out of them and we might have otherwise thrown them away.  Now they will have a new home and use in the country.


Tonya said...

I always recycle as much fabric as I can. T-shirts and towels which have become frayed, stained or otherwise useful are turned into rags (usually for the garage rags for car stuff or painting / project rags).

Other fabric items (depending on fabric) are cut into quilt pieces, patches, used for crafts, rag rug strips, or pet bed coverlets.

Those which are in good shape, but don't (hopefully due to weight loss not gain, ha!)or we have grown tired of are donated to family, friends or charities.

Seldom do we ever thrown fabric away.

Tonya said...

P.S. Love the basket! Funny because my current post in draft is about ALLLLL of the baskets I have, haha

1st Man said...

Tonya - All wise words! Yep, I should have added that we try not to throw away fabric either, while we can't donate t-shirts or old socks, lol, those become rags, the clothese we donate to charity. We've even donated shoes and old belts and such. It's a good feeling knowing that someone else can get some use out of it. I can't wait to read your basket post. We've never used them as much as I hope to out at the farm though. Baskets are a great storage method, and just look cool anyway!