Tuesday, November 22, 2011


More Shelving for the Mudroom
We got one more set of shelves for the mudroom, a set that's not as 'deep' as the other ones, so that it will fit behind the door and then the door won't hit it every time it's opened.  We put them this direction so that they have a different purpose.  We're going to put our cleaning supplies and other related items on that set of shelves

While I was messing around in there putting stuff together and rearranging, I saw a couple of nails in the wall that we missed and I just randomly hung the brooms up there.  We liked the look!

So, I am thinking that I'm going to do something like this in that spot...

Shaker Style Rail
This is called a Shaker Rail.  It was the way the Shaker community
(masters of organization and utilitarian design) stored things such as brooms, tools, coats, even their chairs were hung up this way.  As it happens, I have a long board left over from assembling the corner unit that will fit perfectly in between those two shelves (with a big of cutting).  I'm thinking I could mount it between the two shelves and then use the preexisting holes in the board to put pegs in.  Then we could have our own version of a shaker rail, and hang our coats, or brooms or just about anything that we want to keep out there in the mudroom.

That might be this weekend's project.

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