Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Blue Damask Bed Set
We avoided the "Black Friday" crowds for the most part, but we did head out to Macy's for this awesome find.  For those following our decorating adventure, you probably remember THIS POSTING about our bed frame and the color palette we want to use in that room.  Well, we found this one online and went to a nearby store to see it in person.  We LOVED it.  It's absolutely perfect for our design plans in that room.  Of course, this is the picture from the website, not our finished room, ha ha.

It's from Macy's and is part of the Martha Stewart Collection.  We like the fact that it's a bit more on the bold side.  It also has the exact colors we want and still has a bit of a vintage look to it with the blue striping.  Best of all, it was more than 50% off!  This set comes with the dust ruffle, the comforter, two standard and two European pillow shams.  We also ordered, online during the Cyber Monday sales, the matching "completer set" that is available.  It comes with 3 more pillows (including a "breakfast pillow", whatever THAT is!).

Of course, no mattress yet, but we wanted to make sure we got this while we could.  Being the focal point of the bedroom, we wanted to get this while it was available and then we'll decorate the rest of the room off of this.  Can't wait to start on that.  Once the mattresses are in, things will happen faster.

Just had to share!


  1. your right bedding is a big part of the room. Your bedding is lovely.

  2. Michelle - Thanks for visiting and welcome!! You're our 30th follower! Awesome! Yes, the bedspread is often a great way to start decorating a room. Find a set you like and use that to inspire you for the colors elsewhere. It's much easier than going the other direction. Thanks again!!!

  3. It sure looks nice and comfy :o)...I'd like it on a rainy day and a good book.

  4. I LOVE it! I need to hire you as my interior decorator, LOL!

  5. Ginny, Kelly and Granny - Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!

    We hope to have it all in hand by this weekend and even though we don't have the mattress yet, we might see if we can get a picture of the comforter set pulled out and snap some pictures.


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