Monday, November 7, 2011


Well, we didn't get the black bed frame we had hoped for, it didn't fit in the Jeep!  It is the same size as this one but on this white one, the headboard is in two pieces so it fits in the back just fine.  The black one has a headboard that doesn't come apart so it's just slightly too big, by just an inch or two.  I think we could make it fit after taking it out of the box and putting it in at an angle, but 2nd Man said "what if we buy it, take it out of the box in the parking lot, and can't fit in the car"?  Darn it, why do you have to be so logical?  LOL!  But yeah, I'm not sure they'd take it back at that point.

Guest Room Before

Anyway, above is the room before I started, you can see the Black & Decker cordless at the ready! (it makes life so much easier).
About 15 minutes later...

Guest Room Bed Frame After is the white one in it's new home!  We think it looks really nice.  For those who have been wondering what color palettes we will be using in the house, we'll use different accents in each room.  This guest room is going to be decorated in white, of course, and then accents of pale pink and pale yellow, in the accessories, curtains, pillows, rugs, etc.

Those were my Mom's favorite colors to decorate with.  Sadly, she passed away, very unexpectedly, five years ago (she was only 60) and we know she would have loved this house.  I've got her queen size bedspread that she had purchased just before, and it's a very nice retro design in pale pink.  We also have an unusual HOOSIER STYLE CABINET (it's tall and narrow) that she had in her house that she loved as well.  It's done in a pretty butter yellow and is currently in storage but will soon be coming out of retirement and into use.

So those two things, the bedspread and the cabinet, decided the color palette of all the other accessories/pieces in the room.  We want this guest room to be something she would have loved to have decorated herself.  You can see we still have a way to go, but we think this is a good should be a nice relaxing atmosphere for guests...eventually!


  1. The bed is beautiful and so is the Hoosier Cabinet...I have a very old Oak one also that I treasure it has the original hoosier latches..Too bad I can't take it with me :o)

  2. Hmmm....I am thinking since you have a farm now--it may be time to invest in a truck. You are gonna need it to haul just about everything!

    (Just don't tell your friends unless you want to be REALLY popular to move & haul things for them) haha!

  3. Now, I've never met your mom (duh) but I imagine that she would be so touched that you are honoring her in your new home. She is, no doubt, smiling on you both :-)

  4. Tonya - Yeah, we've been talking about a farm truck. I'm sensing a lot of hauling in our future. Maybe I can find something old and affordable, and then we can just leave it out there full time and go out and get it when we need it. Ah, the friends with trucks conundrum...I used to actually have a Ford Ranger truck, back in the early 90's and yes, it seems friends come from everywhere needing help with something being moved, ha.

    Bee Girl - Aw, that's very sweet of you to say. I should have added that we have a LOT of her stuff in storage, after her death, we had to get her apt emptied before the lease was up and so we sold off the generic big furniture but kept all manner of stuff and put it all in storage. We have kitchen stuff, small appliances (like mixer, blender, etc), and a ton of collectibles. She loved to visit the thrift stores and find some good deals. In fact we had opened a small booth at an antique mall place in Houston and were selling stuff. That's all packed up and just waiting to find a new home at the farm. We'll be able to decorate alot of it with that stuff and what doesn't fit or doesn't have any sentimental value, we'll start selling online. Have just needed a place to put it all first and I think we have that. We know she is going to love what we do! :-)

  5. GingerbreadsHouse - Yes, aren't those hoosier style cabinets cool? This one probably isn't an actual "Hoosier" but it's that style. We love it, I'll have some pictures up soon, once we get it out of storage.

  6. So, when do I get to initiate your guest room? ;) Right now I'd happily hide out in Texas!!!

  7. Kelly - Soon! Probably not this year, there isn't even 'real' furniture yet, ha. But soon! You'll know when you see it!! ;-)

  8. That is SO sweet to honor your mom like that. I sure wish I had known her. I am sure that if she was anything like you, she was the sweetest person! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  9. Dawn - Thanks! Not to brag, but yeah, everyone said I am just like her, easy going, always in a good mood and looking at the bright side of things. Yes, the finished product (at least in my mind, ha) will be pretty neat. :-)


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