Friday, November 18, 2011


Shabby Chic Stand with Rose Bush
Wednesday, when I posted about the patchwork bear, some of you noticed this in the corner and asked about it.

They are another couple of things I picked up in the storage unit last weekend.  A shabby chic pink metal corner table, and an artificial rose bush.  The pink table is cool because the design style mimics the bed.  Of course, we're going to be decorating that room in pale pink and pale yellow, along with the white, so we figured this was a perfect accompaniment for the guest room.

The artificial rose bush is an odd item to be sure, but it was something I was always fascinated with that my Mom had.  When my parents lived in Louisiana back in the 90's, there was a store that was going out of business and she picked this up.  The store had new stuff and handmade stuff, so we're not sure if it was made like this originally or if someone altered it.  Either way, it looks JUST like a real rose bush, with flowers in full bloom, buds just starting to open, even an old flower head with petals faded and missing.  Some of the leaves are colored like they are new growth and old growth.  Heck, it's even in a pot that looks like it has soil in it and has moss growing on it!  It's just a really neat thing that I'm so glad we kept.  I think it looks pretty neat sitting on that stand and it fits the corner of the guest room perfectly.

And slowly, the decorating begins...

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veronica said...

wow, that's so pretty! and the stand goes perfectly there.