Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This is just a random picture of the kitchen, from an angle I haven't shared since it was refinished.  This wall is made of the same wood as the flooring and when we had the floor redone, we decided to have them redo the wall as well.  It came out nicely.  The new stove will go in that empty spot next to the marble top table.  You can see why we went with WHITE APPLIANCES in this kitchen.  The colors are dark on that side of the room and while we like that part of it, we think the white stove will contrast nicely with the dark wood and blend well with the accents of the white switch plates and the white of the marble table.  Directly opposite this are the white kitchen cabinets.

The appliances are currently on layaway, but we should have them by the end of the month, hopefully in time for Thanksgiving.

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  1. My name is Lou and I think the water tanks are a great idea.My husband built me a wooden planter last year and already one of the 2x6's has broke,so I think the water tank idea is great.However ,I think I would line it with filter cloth before putting any soil in,also I would put in well rotted manure in the very bottom ,then a mixture of sand peat and soil,that way the roots can reach down to the nutrients,the manure seems to help keep the weeds to a minimum(this is what we put in my garden box. Hope this all makes sense.Everyone has great ideas thanks.


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