Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Hobby Lobby cast iron doorknobs
You may recall that we bought these a few weeks ago to use on the closet doors in the house.  The old knobs that were on before were a mismatch of styles and were not really functional.  Our original plan was to replace all the doors, but being an old house, finding the right size doors was next to impossible and cost prohibitive.  Besides, an old house with brand new doors on the closets just didn't seem right.  So we found these static door knobs at Hobby Lobby.  Static doorknobs are ones don't actually function, they are more like a "pull" knob I guess.  We felt that they were the perfect size to cover the odd sized holes on all the doors and make them look almost as good as new (or is that as good as old?).  

 Here is a before and after photo of one door.  Quite a difference huh?

As you can see, the doors were definitely in need of some sort of change.  I mean, that type of hole can't really be repaired.  So the next best thing is to "hide it", and that's what we did!

Above is the end result.  Looks great huh?  As for the gap where the latch would be, we will probably just leave that for additional character.

There is a keyhole cut out in the cast iron doorknobs and since the doors were white, I figured it would be best to paint it black to look like "hole" is there.  So I mounted the doorknob with the top screw, slid it to one side, painted under it in the spot where the "hole" would be, then put it back into place and screwed it down.

I did the same thing on the inside of the door as well, since there is an equally large hole on that side.  It really makes them look complete.
Now they look like they've always been there.

It's nice to walk into the rooms now and see these, it makes the rooms look more finished.  The doors have a good fit, so these knobs allow them to push closed and stay closed, which is nice.  One more thing to check off the list!


  1. Hardware is certainly the "finishing" touch that was needed. Nice!

  2. @ Sue: Thanks for the kind words. It's a baby step but it's a step nonetheless and I guess that's all that matters huh? Thanks again for commenting and of course visiting!!


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